Shiva’s Wrath

By: Kamakshi

Jan 23 2012

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Category: Artifacts, Challenges


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/59 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

It is said that Shiva opens his third eye to burn Desire (Kāma) to ashes. However, this third eye also stands for enlighten and knowledge. That is the reason Indians apply Tilak on their forehead between their eyes, as a symbol of that realization. The statue of Shiva features the River Ganga (the Ganges) in his jatas (matted hair), who flows from his head making him immortal, along with a crescent moon indicating a perfectly controlled mind. The idol also has a serpent twined around his that stands for wisdom and eternity.


12 comments on “Shiva’s Wrath”

  1. Thank you for teaching us about Tilak and Shiva.


  2. Wow, this is very interesting. I have often wondered why they do that, what’s the purpose and now I know it symbolizes enlightenment and knowledge… I learnt something new today… Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Aww how sweet for stopping by to post the lovely comment! I’m glad you liked what you saw and read aRVee! 🙂

      • I did and am thankful because that question has been running through my mind, I mean I can always google it but am glad you mentioned it here, so now I know. At least when somebody would ask, I know how to answer… Thanks 🙂

      • Thanks for stopping by again aRVee 🙂

  3. great photo and explanation

  4. I’ve always heard about the third eye —
    but don’t think I’ve ever seen any actual images of it, so thank you for this!

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