A Candle In The Wind

By: Kamakshi

Jan 16 2012

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Focal Length:32mm
Shutter:1/40 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

Its been 23 years since my father passed away, and as children, we have grown through phases of realization with difficulty. From being a 3-year-old child who didn’t understand what it meant to be orphaned, to being a full-grown married young woman, I now know the full extent of how my mother survived. It wasn’t about staying trueΒ to her wedding vows, it also meant that her children always come first. And today, as we step into another year of missing and loving a beautiful soul who earned all the affection and admiration, this candle reminds me of many lessons. We need to remember how we made it together this far and that we need to keep going. Because one day, we will all reunite in a promised land!


17 comments on “A Candle In The Wind”

  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate the sad anniversary of your dad’s death.

  2. Very beautiful words…

  3. a touching post. sorry to hear about your Dad – even though it was so long ago. when our loved ones pass away, they do leave a gap behind. thanks for sharing this poignant post.

  4. a very poignant post – thank you for sharing it with us

  5. Peaceful indeed with an awesome picture! Thanks for the share πŸ™‚

  6. you won’t believe Nittu but I have read this several times. With different emotions each time, though I never met Venumama he was always there as everybody at home always fondly talked about him in present tense. Like mummy says, “venu ko ye bahot pasad hai re” and chandran remembering about him often saying , “Venu is introvert”, and so on….I met you all when you were little kids some 20 years ago…and we all grew together remembering him always in present tense it never was “Venu ko ye baat pasand nahi thi” but always “pasand nahi hai” ….so he is there for all of us. I proud of you and Prasad for being so rock solid, level headed and independent. What to say about Radha Mami I just love, respect and adore her…..

    • I guess that’s why we’re soo bonded manni… Thanks for being there for us..we always think of you as family and not extended family:-)

  7. […] India (he was born in Feb 1947, India attained independence in August 1947). Even though he is not with us in flesh and blood, it doesn’t mean I love him any less. He will live forever in my thoughts, in my mind, in my […]

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