Piya Haji Ali (Movie: Fiza)

By: Kamakshi

Dec 07 2011

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/4000 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

Instead of telling you a story today, let me share this wonderful song from a Hindi movie about the shrine that fell in love with. The translation follows after every line. I have also added the youtube video link if you want to know what the melody goes like, or if you want to sing along. May his blessings be with you!

khuda apane valiyon se hota hai raazi
(god approves of the actions of his friends)

milegi ye dar se hamein sarfaraazi
(from this door, we get empowerment to hold our head high)

yahaan dil se maango ye haaji ali hain
(ask from the depths of your heart, this is the place of haaji alee)

kuda ke vali hain
(he is a friend of god)

shaah-e-samandar ibn-e-haidar
(o king of oceans, o the son of haider)

shah-e-samandar ik nazar
(o king of oceans, please cast a glance towards me)

piya haaji alee, piya haaji alee, piya haaji alee, piya ho -2
(o beloved haaji alee)

tum samandhar ke dhani
(you are the wealth of oceans)

baaba haaji ali baaba haaji ali baaba haaji ali
(o sage haaji alee)

hai tumhaara dar dar mustafa dar murtaza marahaba
(your door is a pious and pure door, the desired door, what a great door)

piya haaji ali piya haaji ali piya haaji ali piya ho -2

noor vaale noor vaale
(the one with light)

bhole-bhaale bhole-bhaale
(the one who is simple and innocent)

noor vaale noor vaale saaya sab pe daal de
(cast your shadow on all of us)

piya haaji ali piya haaji ali piya haaji ali piya ho -2

yahaan hindu muslim sikh isaai faiz paate hain -2
(here Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, all achieve bounty)

ye samandar roz dar pe deta hai pahara
(this ocean guards your door daily)

hai saraapa noor vaala aapaka chehara
(your face is absolutely full of light)

piya haaji alee, piya haaji alee, piya haaji alee, piya ho -2

do mohammad mustafa ke naam ka sadaka, de do naam ka sadaka -2
(donate in the name of mohammed Mustafa)

koi bhi maayoos is dar se nahin lauta, baaba koi nahin lauta
(nobody ever returned disheartened from this door; o sage, nobody returned like that)

kisake dil mein kya chhupa hai sab tumhen maaloom hai -2
(what is hidden in somebody’s heart, everything is known to you)

aapake faiz-o-karam bhi arsh par bhi dhoom hai
(owing to your glory and gifts, there is appreciation also on the sky)

baaba haaji ali baaba haaji ali suno ham gareebon ki iltija ham par karam keeje
(kindly heed to the request of us poor souls, and shower your gifts on us)

piya haaji ali piya haaji ali piya haaji ali piya ho -2

aap par saari kudaai naaz karati hai, baaba naaz karatee hai
(entire universe is proud of you; o sage, proud of you)

bigadi qisamat aapake dar par sanvarati hai, are qismat sanvarati hai
(bad luck becomes good at your door, oh! luck becomes better)

jab talak ummeed meri bar na aayegi -2
(as long as my desires are not fulfilled)

zindagi dahaleez par aansu bahaayegi
(my life will shed tears at this door)

baaba haaji ali baaba haaji ali baaba jo bhi aapaka ho chuka use kya gumaan hoga
(o sage, whoever has become yours, he will not carry any misgivings)

piya haaji ali piya haaji ali piya haaji ali piya ho…

Translation source: http://www.hindilyrics.net/translation-Fiza/Piya-Haji-Ali.html
Catch the song here:


2 comments on “Piya Haji Ali (Movie: Fiza)”

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