India Shining?

This is one sight you can see on the roads every Independence Day and Republic Day in Mumbai. With all the political, economical and cultural turmoil that our tolerant country is going through, how long will it take for our country to let go of petty issues and put our best foot forward? I hope that one day the nation will shine, and I will live to see the day!


28 comments on “India Shining?”

  1. I believe India is already shining – it just has a few dusty bits to tidy up!

  2. Very nice interpretation. I guess, every honest Indian is waiting for that day. Hopefully, if our politicians allow, we will reach there. Wonderful image. 🙂

  3. Great Entry 🙂

  4. Best wishes and do hope you don’t have to wait too long. Progress is one foot in front of the other. Love the vivacity of your photo!

  5. Amen, Kamakshi!
    Here in the USA we are waiting for much the same things, you know —

  6. For ourselves in our country, I mean —
    as you in India are waiting for it in your country.

  7. njoyed the pics on your blog….nice shots!!

    • How sweet of you to take time off and visit my space! I’m humbled..although I did start the post a say thing 17 days too late, I plan to hit the 350 posts mark by end of year!

  8. an evocative post
    thanks for sharing your hopes and dreams

  9. Lots going on in the world, we are all waiting for something. Good entry.

  10. definitely it will shine and we all will work for it. nice entry for this weeks theme

  11. I work with my Indian off-shore coding team every day – they certainly shine 🙂 I guess change comes more quickly in some areas! Nice photo.

  12. This picture is brilliant. I love it. I have never been to India but my partner has been a couple of times and talks about the country with a higher regard and enthusiasm than anywhere else he has travelled to. Please keep up with your displays of these pictures. You are very talented.

    • Oh Wow Vicky, so kind of you! I’m so humbled by your kindness, you just lifted my spirits…I visited your space and loved your writing style! we will keep meeting in the blogosphere often now i guess 🙂

  13. […] India adopted the Constitution on 26th January, 1950, and we celebrate that day as the Republic Day with much fanfare. The Constitution declares India to be a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic that promises its citizens justice, equality, and liberty along with promoting brotherhood among them. The annual parade at Delhi is a show of how potent our armed forces are, and the President tells us about the progress of the nation. But as Indians, do we feel equality, security and a sense of belonging? Politics aside, as the young breed of the nation struggles to come to terms with adult grief and cultural shocks, here is hoping that we leave the world a more tolerant place to be in for the kids who will follow our footsteps. Jai Hind! […]

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