Well Fed!

Strolling over the Charles Bridge, we spotted a beautifully lit restaurant at the side of the river. How cool would it be to actually enjoy a meal there? Well, I didn’t have to wait long, for the press event I went for had a beautiful dinner event planned out for us. What more could I wish for!


2 comments on “Well Fed!”

  1. Obviously, very happy memories for you!
    It seems to me that restaurant looks familiar — but it was a long while ago when I was in Prague with two German couples (who knew the town pretty well) and my memory is not what it was! But it certainly looks charming and inviting — and I’ll bet a press event was a pretty grand affair.

    • Ya judith, a lot changed after that first ever international trip! the place was stunning, but since i was the only vegetarain and the only non drinker, the food looked a lot more appetizing than it tasted 🙂

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