The Prodigal Daughter

By: Kamakshi

Nov 19 2011

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Category: Trivia


Focal Length:45mm
Shutter:1/40 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

Today is the 97th birth anniversary of Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi, the sole heir of the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. She was the first Female Prime Minister in India and second in the world. She held the place longer than any of her female contemporaries in the world (three terms between 1966 and 77 and a fourth between 1980-1884 which abruptly with her assassination). Controversial in both her political and personal life, she had the makings of a prodigal daughter. When she declared emergency and Operation Blue Star followed, she paid for it with her life I was born after she was killed, and I don’t fancy politicians and political will a lot, I was moved with her persona, choice of words, and the classy way she handled herself. In many ways, she changed the face of feminism in India. Happy birthday to her!


2 comments on “The Prodigal Daughter”

  1. her assassination was a bad landmark in history …

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