Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort 2

By: Kamakshi

Oct 14 2011

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Category: Challenges, Literature


Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/14 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

I am a sucker for romance, and happily ever after stories. When I am feeling really low, I turn to my clean Mills and Boons collection of carefully picked romance novels. I can feel you roll your eyes, I mean yes, all stories have a standard storyline, but it restores my faith that when it ends everybody gets what they want, and the story ends positively. When I am in my senses, and want to read something breezy, yet intelligent, I turn to Perry Mason. I discovered my love for reading thanks to Erle Stanley Gardener, and at every book sale I have to buy at least one of the collection. Sadly that I’m not always that successful every time!


10 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort 2”

  1. My human says “Readers are thinkers” and those who read Gardner’s and similar works certainly typify this. He writes that way for he says those who want mindless action can visit their nearest movie theater and watch the explosions. Be glad you’re one of the thinkers!

  2. time for reading is luxury…

  3. I read cozy mystery stories like you read romances, for mindless pleasure. Less fattening than candy 😉
    How’s this for a line: “Fiction is what life aspires to be.”
    I don’t know if I really think it’s true — but it sure sounds good!

    • I believe it, but partially, i mean If i look back at some of the things I’ve read (I love horror stories), I’d rather not wish it comes true 😉

  4. My comfort was reading and the library. There is something special about letting a book take you away

    • So true…I have a reading corner in my house just to bring back those old times:) Blissful day, thanks from reminding me of them Caroline 🙂

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