Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall 2

We Don’t get any snowfall in India, we don’t have an autumn of fall to talk about. October is usually a very hot time of the year, as the humid rains make way for warm winters. I picked up these snow globes on my European trip, and I think that’s all the snow I hope to see this year!


29 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall 2”

  1. Very creative idea for ‘fall’ . It doesn’t even have to be a season

  2. Fits so well with the theme.

  3. but in the North of India near Nepal, there is snow – isn’t it?

    • Parts of HImachal too, but its not winter yet, and its too far away for occasional visits! In fact the solong valley hosts many international ski championships i’m told!

  4. Good interpretation of the theme! I like snowglobes.

  5. great take on the theme

  6. a great interpretation of “fall”. why not? it means so many things, including a snowfall which usually occurs in winter – and in England the word “fall” does not even mean “autumn” 🙂
    so, well done with this!

  7. Its beautiful Kamakshi♥

  8. Nice creativity on show here, well done. Nice shot!

  9. oh, I love it! great whimsical photo. thanks for sharing.

  10. Great Entry for this week theme
    Happy New Year to you
    wish you luck for 2012 🙂

  11. perfect for this challenge!
    happy new year!

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