Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

By: Kamakshi

Sep 23 2011

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Focal Length:33mm
Shutter:1/500 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

It has been a difficult time in our country for a while now, and the past few months have been plagued by not just natural disasters but also several man-made acts of destruction. While we were away, Russia and Czech Republic also suffered loss young of sporting talents in the ill-fated Moscow air crash that wiped out an entire IHF team. While I don’t really follow ice hockey religiously, I love watching sports of any kind. I appreciate how sportsperson, unlike me, are fit, enjoy what they do, and have the courage to stand up to do what they love, make a living out of it, battle fiercely on the field and still be dignified off it with opponents. I didn’t want the week to end with a sad note really, but there have been a few things that happened in the past week that changed my perspectives radically.

As the people of Czech pay silent respects at the old town square to the three young talents that lost their life’s following their dreams, it make me wonder, have we really arrived where we want to be, and we have achieved our self-set standards? As I wrap up my post, please send your prayers to all those who lost their lives and dreams, and a do send out a special prayer for my blog friend Cecelia’s family and her dad, who is currently keeping unwell.

I believe God is both just and kind even in adversity, and a fall from life needn’t result in a fall from grace for anyone coping with loss of any kind. May peace be with you, Amen.


11 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall”

  1. What a graphic display of collective grief. Thanks for sharing.

    • With people spreading autumn happiness, there are many coping with grief, though i dont wanna spoil the cheer for anyone…thanks for stopping by!

  2. My prayers are with the families of those who have died but also with those who seek peace throughout the world that it should become a better place. Thank you for bringing this to the fore.

  3. beautiful photograph and post expressing a nation grieving. thank you for sharing this.

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