Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

By: Kamakshi

Aug 27 2011

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Category: Birds, Challenges, Fauna


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/5 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

I love Mynahs, they are few birds that flock in pairs. I was strolling down my mothers building, when I spotted a lone birdy sitting all by itself on the parapet outside. It sure has some lovely and complimenting hues. Would’ve been better to get a shot when it’s in flight, you’d love the brown, black and white hued wings But for now, this is all I have. Hope you like it too!


12 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up”

  1. cats adore birds too, because they can fly…

  2. this is great. such expressive eyes! thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful picture. Here in South Africa they are considered a bit of a pest, but I think they are very clever.

  4. Yes, unfortunately I have to agree with “supersnails” – a pest here in South Africa… Nicely captured pic though!

  5. Wow… from my experience at taking photos of animals you usually get one good shot in 10, as they move a lot. Great photo!

  6. beautiful pic… seems you too use canon 550d as me 🙂 love this dslr. Many birds like mynahs, woodpeckers use to frequent the windows of my house… but pollution , rampant construction and insensitive nature of people these days make there sighting a rare occassion these days :(.. keep clicking.. started follwing your blog 🙂

    • thanks mugill…hope you’re having as much fun with the camera..So you from Delhi or Chennai…we have a lot in common then! hope you enjoy what I post!!

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