A Floating Library!

By: Kamakshi

Aug 14 2011

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Category: Literature


Focal Length:41mm
Shutter:1/40 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

I started my professional life in Churchgate, but the reason I am drawn to the place more is mainly because of the used books library at Fort. Well, it’s not really a library, per se, more like a store where you can get original and fake books that are more of hand-me-downs at very reasonable prices. Once you are done, you can just return the books and get over 60% of your money back. When I am hunting for something that I can’t afford or find, i go down there. with over 10 vendors selling thousands of books, you most often than never find what you are looking for…but not always! 😦


11 comments on “A Floating Library!”

  1. very true with last few words “but not always”…..i was so badly searching for a book on radars and to my dismay the last piece was sold an hour ago i reached..yea but true its the mecca , Medina for books …

  2. What’s a fake book?

  3. That is my idea of a beautiful place!
    One in which you could spend hours, getting lost in the merchandise!
    Hope you are feeling much better —

    • Feeling better Judith, how sweet of you to ask! But I am feeling a bit too jaded off late…may consider taking a hiatus from blogging..but i fear a break and i may not be back for a long time, so pushing my self far!!

      And yes it is an amazing world to enter, if you even plan a trip to Mumbai, make sure to stop by there!!

  4. […] I am in my senses, and want to read something breezy, yet intelligent, I turn to Perry Mason. I discovered my love for reading thanks to Erle Stanley Gardener, and at every book sale I have to buy at […]

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