Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

By: Kamakshi

Aug 08 2011

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Category: Challenges, Landscapes


Shutter:1/1600 sec

The Lord’s Point is one of the 38 points that can be visited in the red-soiled hill station of Matheran. Hailed as a monsoon destination, this one is the closest to Mumbai. The name Matheran means “the forehead of the forest“. Being declared as an eco-sensitive region by the Union Environment Ministry the hill-station is automobile-free, with the only mode of transport being horses, hard drawn carts or horse-drawn carriages. The only vehicle you will see there is an ambulance operated by the Municipality.


8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains”

  1. What a stunning landscape… I love how the mountains seem to vanish into the distant clouds!
    Very nicely done, Kamakshi!

  2. So misty and reddish… it looks like planet Mars!
    Nice picture.

  3. Imagine the trails through this wonderful landscape. Beautiful shot and thank you so much for expanding my horizons!

    • Well Patti the pleasure is all mine! I wanted to set my shot a bit more to the left to actually measure the depth of the valley! I’m glad u like it and my cell phone cam didnt fail me!

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