A Lost Cause

By: Kamakshi

Jul 23 2011

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Category: Landscapes


Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/640 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

These ruins belong to one of the most grand hotels of the city at one time, called  Watson’s Hotel which was restricted to ‘whites only’. The hotel is said to be the first of its kind to boast of ceiling fans. while popular folklore has it that the 1903 Indo-Saracenic style The Taj Mahal Palace hotel resort owes its existence to Watson’s as it is believed that Jamsedji Tata decided to build the hotel after he was refused entry. However there is evidence that suggest that Tata commissioned the hotel instead at the urging of editor of the Times of India who felt a hotel “worthy of Bombay” was needed. Whatever the case may be, it leads me to feel sorry to see a that once saw many ballroom parties to stand in such shambles!


10 comments on “A Lost Cause”

  1. What a loss of history. It’s amazing how it was once a grand building that witnessed so much many years ago.

  2. like human beings buildings also have their history: thanks for storytelling!

    • I love history….tells us about our roots…and inanimate buildings are silent spectators that have a lot of stories to share! Thanks for stopping by Frizz!

  3. thank you for sharing – that is indeed sad.

  4. I think of all the stories, voices in the broken hallways and ballrooms. Thanks for sharing the history.

  5. Those were the days . . . and as sad as it is that the days of ballroom soirees are so long gone it is such a shame that this wonderful building hasn’t been maintained for present use. Lovely photo!

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