Banking In Style!

Moving along in my exploration of the Victorian town side of Mumbai City, this is the Head Quarters of the Standard Chartered Bank Mumbai. What I loved about this building is are the statues that you can see from across the street. I have added the entire structure inset, with the image. Do let me in on your comments too!

P.S.: I must finally acknowledge my guide on the tour and the driver of the vehicle. A big shout out to Akram Bhai, who made sure that my camera and I remained dry on a rain-kissed Saturday afternoon, while introducing me to the finer points of a city I thought I knew so well. And to my dear friend Madhulika, who managed to pull off the drunk driver act despite being completely sober!


2 comments on “Banking In Style!”

  1. A rain-kissed Saturday afternoon —

    You can’t imagine how wonderful that sounds! Temperature just reached 104 F here — maybe nothing in Mumbai, but for here — unheard of!

    Love the effect of the inset against the enlarged detail.

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