Peace Be With You!

By: Kamakshi

Jul 14 2011

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Category: Artifacts


Focal Length:21mm
Shutter:1/25 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

For the past few my posts seem to be glum, gloomy and distressing. And considering all the negativity  that has bothered me on all day through news sites, newspapers and social media, I guess a bit of inner peace, self-reflection, calmness and Nirvana is in order. Life is short, uncertain and the best gift of nature. Let us cherish those we love, grieve for those we lost and pray that we move on, never to look back either in anger or remorse. Peace to a world that is capable of changing itself without our intervention, for better or for worse…


9 comments on “Peace Be With You!”

  1. I heard of three bad explosions in Mumbai again – again an attack by terrorists like the landing 2009?

    • nope not like 26/11/2008, but more like 11/7/2006, where bombs were planted in crowded locations on central and southern Mumbai, primary investigations say its a “deadly mix of ammonium nitrate, explosive TNT, oil and ball bearings”. Lost 18 lives and 131 people were injured (although considering that thousands flock the streets at the busy hour, i think the numbers are wrong) in just 10 odd minutes…it has been another sad day that shed blood of lower and middle middle-class of Mumbai…sends a shiver down my spine just as I type this out Frizz!

  2. If we can not find Peace within ourselves, we will never be at Peace with others.

  3. I’ve thought about you a lot these past days…sending peaceful, healing thoughts your way.

  4. my condolences to the wonderful city of Mumbai, suffering so often bad attacks on the other hand …

  5. […] There is something about milestones that fill us with glee. Be it on the road or in life, it serves as a gentle reminder that we are on the right path and will reach where we set out for. It is also a good time to celebrate, and I believe with all my heart the celebration is the purest form of human emotions. When you are in mode celebration, you are genuinely happy for someone’s achievement, and manage to let your hair down and have fun. You won’t visit anyone’s party if the cause/consequence doesn’t appeal to you. Jealously and betrayal are feelings that eventually follow, but for that time alone, we are not savage beasts but human beings who can behave rationally. Human nature has so many faces, and I hope, you will celebrate yet another blogging milestone with me just like you did the first time around, with just as many colors as before. As I share another memory from my childhood, and wish love to all and may peace be with you! […]

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