The Irresistible Color of Saccharine

By: Kamakshi

Jul 06 2011

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Category: Trivia


Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/4000 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

Growing up, mom used to always throw a fit of we wanted to eat cotton candy. called as Buddhi ka baal (old lady’s hair) locally, mom used to warn us that we shouldn’t eat any even behind her back. You see, we didn’t exactly grow up in the “pocket-money / allowance era”, so the only funds we had were to take a bus back home from school. Now that we are all grown up, the boxed candy floss that you get in malls isn’t so fascinating anymore. But this one young man brought back so many memories of futile rebellion, more so as we battle the sugar monster to watch the weighing scale more than anything else!


2 comments on “The Irresistible Color of Saccharine”

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