The Tempest Face of the Sea

Just the other day, I mentioned the calm face of the sea. Today, let me show you the other side, which is why I call its relationship with Mumbai city strange. Bandra Bandstand, is said to be the lovers paradise, as it throngs with young couples expressing their emotions openly and without any inhibitions. Just as rough and tempest as the waves of the seas, the place tends to be a mark of rebellion against a closed-minded kind of culture, in a way that doesn’t offend those who believe in it. And they say young Indians don’t respect their roots!


8 comments on “The Tempest Face of the Sea”

  1. great, fresh energy, thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for introducing that as a metaphor of rebellion of the youth vs. old Indian closed-minded structures!

    • For better or worse, we all learn to adapt our personalities to our ethnic, moral and legal boundaries right… i couldn’t think of a better parallel when i went there 🙂

    • Thanks Cecelia…I have to share this with you guys, I was telling my mum about guys like you and Frizz, the kinda passion you bring into your space, despite your age…its commendable, really look up to you guys….hope mom gets her hobby in place soon too 🙂

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