An Ode to A Legacy Unquestioned

By: Kamakshi

Jun 19 2011

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Focal Length:49mm
Shutter:1/50 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

Its Father’s Day again, a more western holiday that has little relevance in our context. But considering the amount of international exposure thanks to television and the Internet, the Indian culture of valuing relationships seems to be trending, with a twist. So jumping on to the bandwagon, here is my ode to the man I cherish the most in this world, my dad. A man with a heart of gold, which didn’t tick for long, this particular post is symbolic of how I remember him. I had just turned three when he passed over to the other side. The Candle is reminiscent of his short-lived existence, he didn’t mind burning up and melting down, as long as he kept everyone happy and satisfied. The color purple stands for the last ever gift my mom received from him, a beautiful lavender-hued saree, that I draped for my school farewell party. The lavender flower also stands for a beautiful creation that leaves you with a feeling of melancholy, that is what lavender as a color does to you, it is not a happy color, think about it. And lastly, it reminds me that between the candle and the wind, the wind won, as the candle stopped glowing. Thank you for all the memories dad, and for helping me love and cherish mom better. Happy Daddy’s Day, I love you best! And I hope you are listening …:)


10 comments on “An Ode to A Legacy Unquestioned”

  1. I had just turned three when he passed over to the other side… – you’ve written a heart-touching tribute to your Dad …

    • Thanks Frizz…i guess that is one strong bond that brings back memories of guilt, sadness and satisfaction, that i was graced with the presence of someone so awesome 🙂

  2. A precious reminiscence —

  3. Beautifully written, ani i loved the candle…and what i loved even more is the symbolism that you have attched to it..
    Well done..

    • Thanks Sheetal, i guess i picked the color thinking about him…i have very few things that are lavender and they all remind me of him 🙂

  4. […] The most amazing thing about the town side of Mumbai, specifically CST and Churchgate are of the city is the tall and magnificent Victorian Structures. However, what I would want to highlight in this picture of the Rajabai tower at the Fort Campus of the University of Mumbai,  designed by English architect Sir George Gilbert Scott based on the Big Ben is, how time stands still in pictures. On this very day in the year 2006, time stood still for most of us who lost someone dear in the Mumbai train blasts, and continues to stand still through memories in photographs. I dedicate this post to a very dear friend, a young brother who I love and cherish to this date for who is was, what he brought to my life, and how he changed me as a person when I was with him, and after I lost him. RIP dear one, you have created a void that time cannot fill. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but not every time… […]

  5. […] the past few my posts seem to be glum, gloomy and distressing. And considering all the negativity  that has bothered me on all day […]

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