Preparing For The Summers

By: Kamakshi

Jun 04 2011

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Category: Food


While I don’t indulge in any spirits or hard drinks of any sort, a bit of cola with a dash of lemon, is always a welcome drink as the summer heat scorches us up. Summers in a country like India can get a bit too hot to handle.


17 comments on “Preparing For The Summers”

  1. Ahhh….that looks refreshing on this hot, muggy day! Great shot. You are off to a good start. Now I have to get busy and see what I can come up with.

    • Gracious as always with your compliments Cecelia…hope i can post something in the week that stays with the theme….its pouring rain that too intermittently making it difficult to get the camera out :(..can’t wait for your post though!

  2. The lemon and the droplets on the side of the glass are very dramatic. I like the rich tones both inside and outside the glass.

  3. Thanksfor stopping by!

  4. Love the perspective of this shot. The reflections on the cola and the ripple around the straw. Very cool picture!

  5. I love colas so I find this photo truly refreshing. Great job!

  6. Off to a great start on this theme. I’ve never tried coke and lemon, but now I’m intrigued!

  7. […] Preparing for the Summers ( […]

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