Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny 2

By: Kamakshi

May 24 2011

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Category: Challenges, Fauna


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/8 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

Well, she isn’t as tiny as she used to be, but she isn’t all grown up as of yet either.  We call her Milli and she lives just where my husband works, so she helps me kill time as I wait on him. (Now, he joins me for the fun, so I love her more.) Milli means found in Hindi, as we don’t bump into her quite often. And don’t let the coy look fool you, she is every bit of a curious kitty. At first observed and eventually tried to scratch off my lens! But it was worth it as I got a wonderful shot! What do you think?


10 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny 2”

  1. Sweet photo. Her head looks too tiny for her ears. What type of cat is she?

    • Ya she does have bat-like ears…I don’t know her breed really, she’s a homeless kitty which has been adopted by the local resturant workers..anyone else know more?? Please enlighten me too!

  2. It’s a cat portrait, conveys a lot of emotion.

  3. She looks soo cute and innocent 🙂

  4. […] am more a of dog person than a cat person but cats do pose better for pictures. If this one has any thing to go by, they also give you […]

  5. […] dogs are a lot more camera-shy than cats. In fact while dogs need a lot of cajoling and coaxing, cats patiently pose till you set up you camera and fix up all your settings. I should say, that surely […]

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