It’s All Mine!

By: Kamakshi

May 01 2011

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Category: Fauna


I found this stunning cat on my way back from lunch to work. Thankfully I was carrying my camera. My experience with animals leads me to the conclusion that cats and cows are more camera friendly than dogs. But this picture is special. She was snacking away and was actually under the impression that I will snatch her food. I love the look she gave me, makes for a nice shot!


11 comments on “It’s All Mine!”

  1. so we learn: do not eat, what a cat will eat!

  2. My first response: “If looks could kill….”

  3. Deadly 🙂

  4. the cat was definitely thinking “don’t mess with me or else…” 🙂 great shot you have there

  5. […] am more a of dog person than a cat person but cats do pose better for pictures. If this one has any thing to go by, they also give you pretty expressions. What I like best about […]

  6. […] may take longer to befriend you as compared to dogs, but dogs are a lot more camera-shy than cats. In fact while dogs need a lot of cajoling and coaxing, cats patiently pose till you set up you […]

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