Weekly Photo Challenge: One

By: Kamakshi

Apr 23 2011

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Category: Challenges, Fruits


Focal Length:47mm
Shutter:1/25 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 550D

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so they say. A this is the one strong fruit that will take you a long way, what do you think?


24 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One”

  1. Gorgeous photo! And I don’t even like apples —

  2. I love the glorious colours!

  3. A minute ago I have actually ran to the fridge for ONE! Great shot! Just sharing ONE big smile:

  4. I want to eat a big and juicy apple now ! 🙂 Nice shot !

  5. I like the picture.

  6. what a vibrant picture!!! great job!!

  7. Very Red indeed! Sorry I missed this the first time around!

  8. A bite of this would definitely keep the doctor away. Delicious.

  9. […] is cultivated as a hybrid fruit). However, I do know that it doesn’t oxidize as quickly as the red apple and it too tangy to eat all at one go.   This I know because you cannot experiment with a cut red […]

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