Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance 2

By: Kamakshi

Feb 28 2011

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Category: Challenges, Fauna


Focal Length:21.4mm
Shutter:1/160 sec

Any sanctuary or zoo  in India sees an abundant number of spotted deer or chital. These animals add to the rich vegetation of jungles and also constitute as a source of food to the rapidly depleting number of Royal Bengal Tigers in the country. Who said the food chain was a fair concept? Doesn’t convince people to go vegetarian though…but lets not get into that debate now, not worth our precious time!


12 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance 2”

  1. I love this photo! The deer are so wonderful about turning toward the camera!

    • Thanks Marge! These are extremely sensitive animals and grace you with a pretty pose if you respect their privacy with silence. Sadly most people don’t realize that…

  2. Wonderful concept of abundance and so important in these days when so many animal species are at risk of extinction. The deer are adorable and seem to be mildly interested in what you are doing. Others are ignoring you in favor of their afternoon nap. Such a good photo!

    • Thank you Sandra, You are so kind with your words 🙂 … i agree, most people have learnt the fine art of respecting sentiments of fellow people, but not animals… it is very saddening but a fact we cannot ignore…BTW you have a lovely little pet in your picture 🙂

      • Thanks, Kamakshi. The pet is my little Shih Tzu, Ling Ling – I believe it means caring one in Chinese. My husband and I have two other Shih Tzus: one we bought as a companion to Ling Ling, and he turned out to be the protector of the group. His name is Oreo Blizzard, but we mostly call him Buddy. The third one is a rescue dog. We didn’t want another dog, but she was in such dire straits that we took her in. She is healthy and happy now, and Tilly Tot rounds out our little family.

      • Absolutely adorable! and you must have your hands quite full, right!

  3. Thanks, Kamakshi. The little dog there, Ling Ling, is one of three Shih Tzus that form part of our family. Ling Ling means caring one in Chinese, I believe. The other two not shown are Oreo Blizzard, who is the protector of the group, looking after da wimmins (as my husband puts it). The third was a rescue dog. We didn’t want a third dog, but she was in such dire straits that we took her in. She is happy and healthy now and fits in wonderfully with our little family. Her name is Tilly Tot.

  4. You have “deer” full attention, at least most of them. Lovely photo.

  5. Lovely photo. Lovely wildlife. 🙂

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