Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

By: Kamakshi

Feb 22 2011

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Category: Challenges, Fauna


Focal Length:21.4mm
Shutter:1/50 sec

There have been times when I crave for a DSLR, and this was certainly one of them. Shot at the Ranthambore Sanctuary, one of the Thriving Tiger reserves in India, we spotted this full grown Tiger hiding way from curious travelers, and yet lazing away in his true grandeur. And I believe that is the best kind of refuge to have, desperate in need yet opulent to survive!

P.S.: If you can find the Tiger, follow the sunlight, the photograph shows the maximum exposure on his face! Wish I could add a hot-spot on it!


9 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge”

  1. I know a DSLR shot would’ve been amazing here, but what I really like is the way the Tiger is captured. He’s out in the open, yet it is so difficult to spot him directly!

    And this is easy here ‘cos we know where to look, It’ll be surprising difficult to spot one in the wild in real time!

  2. looks like a very nice place

    • It sure is! If you do plan a trip to Jaipur, India, and are a nature lover, a visit to Ranthambore is highly recommended!!!

  3. This is my kind of adventure. Maybe one day, I will travel to India.

  4. What I love about this photo is that it shows the viewer how a wild animal blends in so perfectly with its environment. I would not have found the tiger if you had not directed me to it. Wonderful!

    • So true Cecelia, at the end of the day, its not survival of the fittest as much as it is survival of the wisest, who learns to use his environment as his strength rather than fight it all out! It was quite a task to spot the guy in real time though….Quite an awesome creature, no wonder we love it some much as to make it our national animal!

  5. omg it took me forever to find the tiger.
    great shot!

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