Karla Caves

By: Kamakshi

Feb 19 2011

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Category: Landscapes


Focal Length:5.35mm
Shutter:1/20 sec

Karla Caves is situated 11 km from Lonavla in a place called Karli. A Buddhist monastery in the 2nd century BC, the cave has been extensively damaged and is now under a restoration program with the Indian Archeological Society. The original living place of the monks is now occupied by a goddess Ekaveera temple.


12 comments on “Karla Caves”

  1. How much aligned is that for a Civil engineer ? …..

    • No Ravi its not me in the picture. As much as I wished that the couple would move away, they just didn’t budge!!

  2. Wow! Beautiful photograph. So happy I came across your blog… excited to look through more of your photos. Take care and keep up the wonderful work.

    • Thanks Danika,

      You are very kind with your words! I visited your blog (glad I did) was running out of happy ideas to blog on, now I have inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  3. oh my, this one is amazing. so beautiful. the couple needed to be there so that we can see the greatness of the structure. definitely a plus.

  4. It really looks like to be an amazing place ! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  5. Oh wow, so stunning. I also think the couple needed to be there to give the perspective of the immensity of the structure. Amazing that this is carved out of a cave wall. Beautiful. Thank you.

    • I see that being true myself now suitable fish…the structure really reminds us how multi-lingual our culture real is, and how old the civilization is…its a nice feeling!

  6. […] they are distinctly unique. The Monastery at Kushalnagar in Coorg, Karnataka taught me about how Buddhist Monks enjoy their life despite being a vagabond. We were there on a sunday, when they were […]

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